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Graphic design

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Here at Hype Studio, for over 15 years, we have had the opportunity to work with thousand’s of clients and in that time have worked on many websites. Our team will ensure your websites built to surpass all expectation and address your business’s needs.


Website Design Process

Our typical website design process goes something like this. We start with a strategy session to help us understand the objective of your business. We then book you in for a day to sit with our designer and mock-up your website’s main design. Easy as 1,2,3,4.

1. The Brief

The magic all starts with the brief. I begin by asking you simply, Why? This to help us understand why you need a new website and what exactly it is you're trying to achieve. With clear objectives and outlining smart goals we can prepare a brief that can be used to build your business a successful website.

3. Website Prototype

Instead of trying to tell you what I intend to build your website and hoping you understand my jargon, at this stage I'll build an interactive prototype in the browser to show you how my solution will work. At this stage there is no attention to detail or design, its only to see and understand the layout of the website.

2. Website Sitemap

Once I have gathered all the information I need, I'll build a visual sitemap to get on the same page very quickly about what it is we're trying to communicate and the best way to structure the information.

4. The Delivery

Finally, we go underground for a couple of weeks, perfecting the design and making sure everything is plugged in and tested before deploying your shiny new website to your hosting server so you can show it off to the whole world.

Finally, once your sites launched, we help you generate leads to your website through our Google and Social Media Care Plans.

Case Studies

Branding, UX/UI, Website Design, Video Production

Kingsway Tools approached Hype studio for the complete design and brand identity for their high-quality Australian made range of products in the construction industry. Using his business name, Kingsway, as a guide, we extended the masculine keyword ‘King’ to his other products calling them Kingbrick, for the tools range of products, Kingmix for the cement mixers, Kinglift for the brick elevators, and finally Kingscaff for his scaffolding products. Once we had the names, we then created strong, masculine logos for each of the products. Hype studio completed all their marketing material from logos, websites to businesses cards and product catalogues. 

Visit www.kingswaytools.com.au

blubelle finance

Branding, UX/UI website design, Video production

BluBelle Finance Specialists, Mentor and Finance Coaches have over 27 years in the finance industry for residential and commercial lending. Hilal, the director, has a certain personality and style, which, Hype studio used to come up with a brand identity that reflects her personal style that includes the companies high-quality Australian lending business inline with the industry. Using colours and a welcoming video, we designed a site that provides a very personal ambience.  Hype studio completed all their marketing material, from the logo, website design to business cards and print marketing material. 

Visit www.blubellefinance.com.au

Logo, UX/UI Magento  Ecommerce Website Design

Bizim Market retails Turkey’s Most Iconic Brands, Such As Sutdiyari, Oncu, Tukas, Tamek, Omo, Uludag, Gazi, Anadolu And Many More. Bizim Market approached Hype studio to come up with a brand identity that reflects the customer base they currently care for. They also sought to introduce Turkish ingredients to the online market through a Magento e-commerce website. Hype designed a beautiful logo and a website that was integrated into the powerful Magento eCommerce platform. Using fresh colours, we designed a site that provides a local and personal feel. 


Of course! All websites designed by us are made to look fantastic across a variety of devices, to make your business all the more accessible.

Generally, we do try our best to quote the best price possible for to suit both you and your budget. However, if you would like a lower cost option, you can always take a look at our industry specialised predesigned website templates.
For this we like to give our client creative freedom. Since you are the owner of your business all information that will be presented on the website will mostly be provided by you.
This is mostly determined by the size of the project and the clients schedule, because of this the project can take between days or weeks to complete, give us a call or even feel free to come in so we can talk you through the process.

Absolutely. And we’re amazing at it. Talk to us today!

For a new website, it can take time for the website to come up in the Google search results for popular keywords. You could register on Google business to speed things up or contact us directly to discuss on Google ads or SEO campaigns

In the past we have tried outsourcing our work offshore but have found that any results we achieved were quickly short-lived.  Because of this we do all of our Google work in-house with our Australian team, with strategies that have proved effective for the long term.

No, we have been doing SEO since 2007 and know all too well the affects of any black hat seo link building etc. All our work is White hat SEO, clean and Google friendly.

Our SEO consulting and services involve strategies on increasing your SEO score and page rank through article writing, blogging, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn posting and more. All of our work is done rationally with nothing unusual so you can avoid being penalised. The SEO manager normally starts with an SEO audit and analysis of your website, then they will go through the basics to understand where your site stands and how it can be improved.
We generally do this in-house, with client instructions. We do however have access to copywriters in Australia which help write content for your business. 

Google considers this as SEO spam. It worked in the past but not these days, as such, we don’t bother with this type of campaign as it is short-sighted. You need it to work for the long term, with natural growth, without looking for shortcuts.


Our entry level Prices start from around $600+gst for a predesigned template from our selection of themes.

For established businesses we provide custom designs through strategy, Designing a mock-up and then integrating the mock-up into WordPress ready for the finalized product. Along with digital marketing services.

Why Choose Us?

15 years experience

We are proficient and provide better service than most in the industry. As a team, we always check the project to ensure the best quality before shipping out and deliver fully functional WordPress websites, set to produce income for you and your business.

Original Designs

At HYPE Studio, our team of designers put the work into making your brand recognisable. We are dedicated to our clients’ requirements, generating distinctive designs to help develop your business identity.


The very best at beating any value! We are determined to quote you affordable costs by offering you the same pricing models, whether you buy a little or a lot from us, get the best prices in the industry.


1. WordPress Custom Design

WordPress is one of the best content management system platforms for a custom ux design. As a local website design company We provide you with the best custom visual design to help you create your online presence to find you, potential customers.

Here are a few WordPress web design elements that we will customise for you: Using our graphic design and digital marketing services; themes and the website template, Widgets and menus, Side header, Page background, Website URL, Colors and fonts and many more.

2. WordPress Installs and Migrations 

We will help you install WordPress on your server or migrate your website to the new if you already have one. If you already have a website but want some additional things inserted on the site, either we will customise WordPress to match your website or do our best to integrate it with your needs.

3. WordPress Hosting Plans

We can host your website to keep it safe and secure or use one that you already have. See our wordpress hosting plans here

4. Responsive Web Design Services

Your WordPress website must be responsive since over half of all website traffic is received via mobile phones. Responsive design means a website that provides the same experience to site visitors using mobile phones as they experience it those using a desktop computer or laptop.


Why Build A Website in WordPress?

WordPress is the best solution for most of the site requirements. Before your website builds, you need to consider your needs before selecting the platform to build on. The reasons that you should choose WordPress as a website development platform are as follows:

1. WordPress is Cost-Effective

WordPress designing and development is way too cost-effective due to the excess of ready-made themes availability. You can update the content on your website yourself rather than relying on a webdesigner to reduce maintenance costs.

WordPress is available for free; there is no cost incurred in the purchase and installation of this platform. Another attribute related to this is the templates, also known as themes. Most of the themes are also available for free. Even for most of the responsive themes, you do not have to pay anything as these are available at free of cost. Most of them are responsive in nature and do not need manual coding to become mobile-friendly.

The other most attractive feature of WordPress web development is that there are several plugins available to help in providing additional functionalities. Plugins like Woo-Commerce are available for free of cost, so building an e-commerce website using WordPress is certainly an easy job. After the installation of the plugin, building an online store to display your products becomes easy. Apart from this, an inbuilt payment gateway is also provided for safer and smoother transactions. With these plugins, an e-commerce web store can easily be developed.

Other plugins like meta slider, page builder, etc., are very useful in providing an attractive appearance to the website. By using these plugins, full customisation can easily be provided so as to offer an improved browsing experience.

This platform has several other features like an integrated multimedia storage option where media files in the form of PDF, video, photograph, etc., can easily be stored. In addition to this, full community support is also available.

From the above text, we can easily understand that WordPress website development is certainly the best available option to create cost-effective websites. Owing to the available plugins, one can easily equip the website with add-on features like customisation, payment gateway, etc. 

2. Responsive WordPress Web Design

WordPress automatically takes care of a responsive design template for multiple devices.

A responsive WordPress theme or template easily adjusts it’s layout based on the screen size and resolution, including desktop computers, tablets such as iPad, smartphones and other mobile devices to create websites that offer optimal user experience. Responsive WordPress themes offer better readability on smaller screens, such as smartphones. It prevents you from additionally creating a device-specific mobile version of your website.

Before the availability of responsive website themes in WordPress, we would have to create different mobile versions for each platform, such as iPhone, Android, etc. Responsive design allows a single site to be viewed on various devices without the need for additional themes or plugins.

3. Social Media Integration

Social media marketing and SEO affect each other in a variety of different ways. They aim to attract an audience or customers to your brand.

Combinedly they called Social SEO: social media to boost SEO.

Having social media links to your website is a key aspect of ranking your website for Google’s algorithm. Integrating your social profiles on your website, including a live feed, promotes your website content and produces a positive ranking for search engines.

Great SEO is nothing but engaging the rules of search engines to enable indexing. Websites built using WordPress have simple and structured content, which meets the needs of search engines. Each page in WordPress is customised to give you full control of pages you wish to rank for.



4. WordPress Remote Access

With access to the internet, a WordPress website allows you to make changes to your site wherever you are. All that you need is a web browser, and that’s it! There are also a number of WordPress apps available on IOS and android which allow you to publish works through your phone. For those that are more technical, you can even program software to access the wordpress API (Application programming interface) to retrieve and send information into your website. Furthermore, theres a whole range of free and paid wordpress plugins to allow access to your website remotely.

5. Functional Capability

WordPress plugins are easy to install that add greater functionality and capability to the website, which includes features such as SEO, eCommerce solutions, complex forms, etc. There are more than 58,000 plugins in the WordPress libraries that are currently available to install, so if you can think of it, there’s probably a plugin solution!

WordPress has all the elements needed to build a basic website, but many users want more specialised functionalities related to the specific needs of their website. The WordPress plugin directory includes hundreds of thousand’s of plugins which means small pieces of code designed to perform specific tasks. These plugins allow users to add multiples features like shopping carts, galleries, contact forms, and many more to any compatible WordPress website. Users can also purchase and install custom plugins from third-party developers. Plugins can be activated or deactivated and uninstalled as needed as a site evolves. There are over 50,000 plugins on the wordpress repository, search for plugins here https://wordpress.org/plugins/

6. Active and Responsive Community

The WordPress community has a very active base and is well documented. Access to this documentation is very easy to locate, and other WordPress users are contributing to build this community daily.

Since WordPress is free and open-source, it’s supported by a huge WordPress loving community all around the world. This WordPress community is responsible for making changes to the source files and keeping WordPress updated and secure. They also engage in plenty of outreach to users, hosting WordPress camps around the world and supporting the growth of WordPress user groups.

As business owners, agencies, user experience designers, graphic designers, and web design companies, It’s very easy to see why WordPress is used by a large range of CMS-based websites worldwide, over 30 per cent! It makes the essential tools to build a WordPress website available to any user but not just the experienced web developers and those tools can equally support a small personal site and a large, complicated corporate web portal as well. With the features such as themes and plugins designed to extend its functions, WordPress works for all kinds of sites, to build a beautifully designed, great site.

If you are thinking to build a WordPress website, you should consider a hosting provider that offers WordPress hosting. This will save time and will allow you to access your WordPress dashboard through your account.

7. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Great SEO is nothing but engaging the rules of search engines to enable indexing. Websites built using WordPress have simple and structured content, which meets the needs of search engines. Each page in WordPress is customised to give you full control of pages you wish to rank for.

WordPress is the best for SEO and here are the reasons:

focuses on user experience: WordPress themes and plugins make websites user friendly and more attractive
allows you to create attractive permalinks: it is possible to edit ugly permalinks and make them readable which will also improve your website ranking
makes metadata easy to manage: search engines crawl and understand what your webpages are about using metadata. If your site has relevant keywords, it improves SEO ranking
optimises images for SEO:
WordPress allows you to create alternative text for an image you use. This means you can plug in your keywords as an image description, and they will be noticed by search engine crawlers.
With WordPress, you can use a plugin that automatically creates alt text for images.
You can resize images so that they don’t slow your page load speed.
WordPress sites don’t frustrate users with slow load time
optimised for mobile users: mobile usage has been increased rapidly in the past few years, so it is necessary that your website should be accessible on mobile also. If you already have a website in WordPress and want to make it mobile-friendly, you are one click far!
helps you integrate your campaign with Social Media: Social Media is one of the best marketing platforms for your brand! WordPress allows you to automate social media campaigns.
has awesome SEO-friendly themes and plugins: WordPress offers many free SEO plugins which help you to optimise the focused keyword content, etc.

8. Flexibility

WordPress designing and development is an open-source platform operation, and you can easily transit from one designer to another without being locked working with specific companies.

The flexibility of WordPress also applies to those who use it, which means your level of technical experience.

Web designers, app / web developers, clients, newbies, or even anyone in-between the two can easily use WordPress. WordPress is very powerful and can be used ina fashion that’s as in-depth and complex or as simple as you want it to be. How you use it, program it, and what features you want to take advantage of will completely depend on you.

One of the reasons for WordPress being so popular is that nearly anything that you want to do with your site can be accomplished with WordPress while not neglecting your target audience in terms of usability and having easy to use beautiful user interface.

You can use it for business website and add widgets and plugins to add functionality, or you have an option to just use the basic version of the platform to publish blog posts. You may need to install a plugin or third-party application for that to happen.

9. Website Security

WordPress is a safe and secure CMS platform, with the significant effort invested in website security and maintaining a high level of security procedure.

Keeping your WordPress version up to date will also potential security threats and fight off bugs.

WordPress makes it easy for you to increase the security of your website with features like password protection for folder contents.

It’s also easy and worth enabling an SSL certificate for your WordPress website. Most of the time, you can get this from your web hosting service.

Furthermore, there are additional steps you can take to improve your site’s security. I’d recommend installing a WordPress security plugin. You can also take proactive steps by installing a WordPress backup plugin.

10. Blogging

WordPress was originally built as a blogging platform. Therefore it has lots of built-in functionalities to help you easily create content.

You can drag-drop elements to create a number of multimedia blog posts and pages. You need to draft it once and you can schedule, publish, update, and delete these posts and pages as needed. You can also assign user roles-permissions, moderate comments, secure posts and pages with a password and make your content public or private.

You can do all this in your dashboard without having to access or edit the source code.

If you’re an advanced user having coding skills, then you can add code to your files to style individual pages, display a list of recent posts in the sidebar, and extend the functionality of the site.

11. Multilingual Content management system


WordPress has a global reach. It supports 160+ languages worldwide. So you’ll be able to build a website to reach your global audience as well.

71% of all blogs published written in English on the WordPress platform. This means it’s worth noting that English is the most popular language used on WordPress.

But it’s nice knowing that WordPress makes it easy to do if you want to take advantage of other languages.