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Reach a lot more Customers with Email Marketing

Explore a smarter approach to engaging your audience using our cutting-edge Email marketing platform. 

Intuitive online form builder interface showing drag and drop feature, personalised form creation, analysis tools, and a selection of free templates for efficient feedback collection and customer outreach.

Boost your sales through Email marketing

email marketing

Maximise reach with email Marketing


Energise your business communication strategy with our cutting-edge email marketing software. Embrace innovation to redefine customer engagement and outreach, setting the stage for a revolutionary approach that will propel your business to new heights of success.

Easy build

Craft visually captivating and responsive emails effortlessly with our intuitive builder, no coding expertise required.

Enhanced productivity

Boost team efficiency with our intuitive email tools, empowering collaboration effortlessly.

Delivery insights

Gain valuable data on email delivery performance, including open rates, click-through rates, and bounce rates, to optimize your email campaigns effortlessly.

Start with Premade Email Templates

Premade form templates showcased, ready for customization and use in collecting feedback, customer outreach, and research, highlighting a start to efficient form creation.


Streamline processes with automated email workflows, maximising productivity effortlessly (additional fees apply).

Security measures

Ensure data protection with robust email security features, safeguarding sensitive information.

Customer support

Provide exceptional support with prompt responses through email channels, ensuring customer satisfaction.​

Start your email campaign today

Easy email builder

$ Call AU in GST / Month AU $0 Basic Setup
  • Setup Account/Email
  • Email Templates
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Reporting
  • ~ $1 / 1000 emails
Coupon code off monthly fee. No Long term Contract, Cancel anytime. Contact us for Basic Setup inclusions. **Join us to get Priority support and get all that design, development and marketing done for you at Hype Studio VIP prices.


Yes, you can! The online email maker provides various customisation options, allowing you to personalize the appearance, layout, and style of your email to suit your brand.

Using Gmail or Outlook for email marketing has significant drawbacks:

  1. Deliverability Problems: Bulk sends can lead to emails landing in spam. You need to send slowly.
  2. Limited Analytics: You cant Track email open rates.
  3. No Automation Features: Essential tools like scheduling, autoresponders, and drip campaigns are missing.
  4. Minimal Customisation: They offer insufficient personalisation and design options.
  5. Poor Subscriber Management: Lacks advanced features for handling subscriber preferences and segmentation.
  6. Lack of A/B Testing: You can’t experiment with content to improve engagement.
  7. Risk of Account Suspension: Sending mass emails can violate terms of service.
  8. No CRM Integration: Missing integration capabilities limit marketing effectiveness.
  9. Perceived Unprofessionalism: Using a personal email address can undermine your brand’s credibility.
  10. Missing Opt-Out Links: Automated unsubscribe options are crucial for compliance and avoiding spam filters.
  11. Spam Trigger Avoidance: Drip email campaigns help prevent triggering spam filters by staggering email sends.
  12. Legal Compliance Issues: Failure to include opt-out links can violate laws like GDPR and CAN-SPAM.
  13. Lack of Personalisation Automation: Adding Personalised content automatically like recipient’s name is not possible.
  14. Inability to Segment Based on Activity: Essential for targeting users based on their engagement and interests.

Using email marketing services gets you better open rates, better conversions and less problems with spam triggering.  

Absolutely. We prioritise data security. All email submissions are encrypted, and we implement robust security measures to protect your information.

Certainly! Our email marketing system is versatile, along with our form builder you can make comprehensive surveys.  

Yes, our email maker is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for users with varying levels of technical expertise.

You can turn on email verification which is $2.50 per 1000 email verifications