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Easily Reach more Customers with SMS Marketing

Unlike Email, SMS has a 98% open rate Discover a smarter way to connect with customers using our SMS marketing platform.  Elevate your outreach, boost your business, and see real results. Let’s start texting success together!

  • SMS Promotions
  • SMS Automation
  • Bulk messaging
Intuitive online form builder interface showing drag and drop feature, personalised form creation, analysis tools, and a selection of free templates for efficient feedback collection and customer outreach.

Did you know 90% of SMS are opened within 3 minutes?

Maximise Outreach and Efficiency with SMS Marketing Solutions

Transform your business communication by embracing innovation with our cutting-edge text and SMS marketing software, setting the stage for a revolutionary approach to customer engagement and outreach.


Launch targeted SMS campaigns to promote special offers, discounts, or sales events, driving immediate engagement and sales.

Bulk messaging

Swift and cost-effective way to reach a large audience simultaneously, fostering quick engagement and maximising campaign impact.

SMS Reminder

Enhance appointment attendance with automated SMS reminders, ensuring clients are well-informed and engaged.

SMS Marketing's High Open Rate Advantage

A staggering 98% of SMS messages are opened and read during SMS marketing, surpassing the considerably lower open and read rates commonly observed with emails and spam messages.

Elevate Engagement

Better and meaningful connections with personalised and targeted SMS campaigns tailored to specific demographics.

Efficient Automation

Save time with seamless campaign automation, scheduling, triggers, and follow-up sequences for maximum impact.


Adapt your strategy to business growth with our scalable platform, suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Maximise ROI with budget-friendly yet impactful SMS marketing solutions through efficient automation and targeted outreach.

User friendly interface

Easily manage campaigns with our intuitive interface without the requirement of technical expertise

Compliance Confidence

Ensure secure and ethical marketing with our platform's commitment to SMS marketing regulations.

Start connecting instantly through targeted SMS campaigns

SMS Marketing

$ Call Monthly
  • US $0.08 / SMS
  • US $8 / month Mobile no.
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Number validation
  • Email support

 No Long term Contract, Cancel anytime. Contact us for Basic Setup inclusions. **Join us to get Priority support and get all that design, development and marketing done for you at Hype Studio VIP prices.

Boost your sales through sms marketing

Subscription Renewal Reminders

Remind customers about upcoming subscription renewals or expirations via SMS, prompting timely renewals.

Missed Call Engagement

Convert missed calls into connections with automated follow-up SMS messages and scheduling future communication

Feedback and Surveys

Gather valuable feedback from customers through SMS surveys, improving products or services based on their responses.

Ignite Your Business growth with SMS Marketing

Discover the power of SMS marketing, bringing instant impact, better engagement, and effortless communication to your business.

Why choose us for Your SMS Marketing


Choose us for cost-effective solutions, powerful functionality without compromise, with pricing significantly more affordable than competitors like HubSpot and Microsoft CRM.​

We do it for you

Focus on your core business, while we handle the intricacies for optimal results through our custom pricing options for DIY, Done for you and Done with you.

SMS Marketing Tool

Start with Hype Studio’s SMS Marketing tool and switch to a full marketing system when needed. Our solutions are simple, quick, budget-friendly, and deliver great results.


SMS marketing offers high engagement rates, immediate communication, and personalised outreach, driving customer interaction and boosting sales.

We’ll Validate Phone numbers when the first SMS is sent to a new contact to make sure its an active number. This will prevent bounces and reduce costs and prevent accounts being suspended as too many bounces look like spam Standard price of $0.005 applicable per validation.

Certainly! Our platform is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible and easy to navigate for users of all technical backgrounds.

Yes, we provide dedicated customer support to guide you through the platform, address any queries, and maximise your success with SMS marketing.

We prioritise compliance with SMS marketing regulations, ensuring a secure and ethical environment for your marketing activities.

Yes, our platform offers swift and cost-effective bulk messaging capabilities, allowing you to reach a large audience simultaneously and maximise the impact of your campaigns.