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Increase Your Profits with Marketing Tools

Grow your Business with our All-in-one Marketing & Sales CRM by saving time and increasing profits

  • Easily Promote Across Socials and search
  • Capture more leads
  • Convert more leads into buyers
  • Build customer Fans that refer more

Sales tools

One place for all your Marketing, Sales, and Operational needs. Drive revenue, increase productivity, and achieve real growth with the Hype Studio CRM.


Easily reach more customers with high open rate SMS Marketing.


Transform Your Marketing into a Powerful Engagement Tool.


Improve sales: Capture leads, nurture and close sales faster with custom sales paths.


With our easy-to-use platform, you can start with the base CRM and add modules as you need them.


Collect all client communication and messages in one place: Email, SMS, messenger or Whatsapp.


Track leads easily. Use Pipeline Management to see where leads are and their stage in the sales process.

IVR (Phone)

IVR feature simplifies calls, letting customers choose options, like 'Press 1 for sales' or '2 for support.

Website Tools

Build your digital presence with an easy website builder; attract more leads with impactful landing pages. Simplify appointments with user-friendly bookings; gather insights and generate leads with custom forms. Create engaging surveys for feedback; offer exclusive content through membership areas, enhancing client engagement.


Engage and Understand: Create Dynamic Surveys to Gain Valuable Feedback and Drive Decisions.

Membership Areas

Create Videos, Courses and Communities just like Facebook.

Automation Tools

Imagine automating a system that auto SMS and email to follow up on appointments and meetings without a hitch. Automatic Phone Calls when Leads comes in. Auto Sms for a review once jobs done.


Streamlined Billing: Create, Manage, and Send Invoices with Ease for Faster Payment Processing.

All-In-One Platform

One place for all your Marketing, Sales, and Operational needs. Drive revenue, increase productivity, and achieve real growth with the Hype Studio Platform. 

The Sales Machine

Improve your sales with a complete marketing system with nurture sequences – Capture, Nurture & Close Effortlessly gather leads with our comprehensive suite of tools, including landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, and an inbound phone system. Seamlessly engage your leads through automated communication channels like voicemail, forced calls, SMS, emails, and Facebook Messenger. Leverage our integrated tools for smooth payment processing, appointment scheduling, and tracking vital analytics!”

Lead Capture

Build and manage website, funnels, and appointments effortlessly with our intuitive drag-and-drop platform

Easily create eye-catching landing pages and customise full websites with our user-friendly platform.

Manage your appointments smoothly with Hype Studio’s built-in calendar, streamlining your scheduling process.

Leads to Customers

Hype helps you achieve great results after you’ve gained a lead.

Our platform enhances your business, by turning leads into loyal customers with customisable, automated multi-channel responses.

Respond to leads from website forms, Facebook, and Google ads with timely information and follow-up queries automatically with pre-programmed data.

Automate Booking Process

Get more customers without the hassle. Say goodbye to boring manual work and hello to fun and easy sales! 

Easily book, change, or cancel appointments without overlapping schedules or conflicts.

Integrate with popular calendar apps like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook for a combined, current schedule overview.

Send personalized email and SMS reminders to reduce missed appointments and keep everyone informed through automated alerts.

CRM plans

Unlike our competitors, get unlimited users and contacts, unlimited Webbuilder pages, unlimited funnels, unlimited Social media posts, unlimited ecommerce products, unlimited course builder, unlimited memberships sections and more

CRM Streamline customer management and enhance relationships effortlessly.
Contacts Efficiently manage customer data and communication in one place.
Conversations Seamlessly chat with customers in one place regardless where they're chatting from ie Messenger, email SMS (Whatsapp extra fee)

Pipelines, much like Trello boards, provide a clear overview of your customers' journey from lead to sale, guiding them through each stage.

Website Chat Tool allows you to chat with your website visitors realtime via your Mobile, anytime, anywhere. Learn more about the Web chat.
Calendar Efficiently manage your schedule and appointments in one place. Learn more about the Calendar.
Website builder Create stunning websites effortlessly with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. 100's of temalates for most industries
Funnels Create and automate sales funnels to convert leads into customers.
Google reviews

Easily gather and manage Google reviews to enhance your online reputation. Learn more about the Google reviews.

Social Planner Plan, schedule and auto post to your social media pages including Facebook, Tiktok, Google Business, Twitter and more in one go. Learn more about the Social media scheduler
SMS Marketing Reach and engage customers effectively through targeted SMS campaigns. SMS has a much higher open rate vs email. Learn more about the SMS Marketing
Email Marketing Automate your email campaigns for effective customer engagement and conversion. Learn more about the Email Marketing .
Invoicing/Proposals Create, send and manage professional invoices and proposals effortlessly. Learn more about the Invoicing/ proposals .
Tap to Pay Streamline payment processes with seamless tap-to-pay functionality.
Business Listing Easily manage and update your business listings for maximum visibility.
Facebooks Reports Track and analyse Facebook ad performance seamlessly.
Adwords reporting Google ads reporting on cost/click, CTR etc
Blogging Craft engaging blog posts effortlessly with our blogging feature, and rank higher in Google.
EcommerceOptimise your online store management and enhance sales with integrated analytics tools.
Surveys Gather valuable feedback and insights from customers effortlessly.
Forms Builder Create customisable forms to capture all types of data. Learn more about the Forms.
AI Features Generate high-quality content effortlessly with our Content AI feature.
Call reporting Effortlessly track and analyse call data to optimise performance.
Workflows Efficiently manage tasks and enhance productivity in an organised way.
Affiliate Manager System allowing you to setup affiliate partners to sell for you and payout commissions.
IVR Create custom phone prompts to divert calls eg press 1 sales, 2 for support
Course builder Easily create and manage online courses for your business. Learn more about the Course builder .
Membership AreasEasily create and manage exclusive content and communities for your members.
$49 /mth
$87.50 /mth
$330 /mth
14 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE No Long term Contract, Cancel anytime. Contact us for Basic Setup inclusions. Additional Service Fees (if used). Dedicated Business Mobile:US$8.00 / month SMS Marketing/2 Way Messaging: SMS Credits: US$0.08 cents per segment. US$5.00 = +70 SMS. Making Calls: To Mobile US $0.09 / min US$5.00 = +50 minutes. To Local US$0.035 / min. US$5.00 = 180 minutes. Receiving Calls: US$0.60 = 50 minutes. Ai and triggers fees are in the admin based on usage.

Monetise Your Expertise

Boost your expertise and effortlessly host and enhance engaging courses and membership programs

Turn your knowledge into profit with our all-in-one platform, perfect for hosting courses and membership programs, and encouraging community interaction.

Choose from various customisable courses and membership templates and engage users in discussions with our integrated comments system.