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Cant keep up with Social Media Management

Reach more Clients with our Social Media Planner

Easily manage your social media marketing for Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok plus more.

Achieve More In Less Time

Boost Your Productivity, by Scheduling

Make handling your social media easier by setting up automation. This saves time and lets you focus on creating engaging content. It allows you to maintain a regular presence on all your different social media accounts.

Smart Scheduling

Effortlessly schedule social media posts with our intelligent algorithm that determines the best posting times for maximum engagement.


Connect and manage social media accounts in one place. You can handle Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn together.

Trust & Credibility

One of the most effective methods to create trust and credibility in today's digital age is by consistently posting through social media.


Social media marketing have become a necessity for businesses looking to establish their online presence, reach their target audience, and grow their brand.

Make more sales

Posting to the various Social Media platforms provide you with a range of segments that can significantly boost the number of viewers, and sales through website visits.

Advanced Analytics

Find out how well you are doing on social media by getting reports and data that can help you make smart decisions to increase your viewership and engagement.
Stay on track with your Socials

Social Media Planner

$ 22 AU in GST / Month AU $99 in GST Basic Setup
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tiktok
  • Linkedin

No Long term Contract, Cancel anytime. Contact us for Basic Setup inclusions.  **Join us to get Priority support and get all that design, development and marketing done for you at Hype Studio VIP prices.


Yes, you can export csv data or connect with an API to other systems
There are different ways to set it up with custom options. If you want to get webchat messages on your phone, you will need a distinct phone number for sending and receiving SMS messages. If you only need a name and email address, it’s a simpler setup without using a phone number.

All-in-one Social media Management Tool

Begin with the Web-chat application and switch to a complete marketing system when necessary. Our solutions are easy, fast, and affordable, and yield impressive outcomes.

cutting-edge Social Media management Tool

Platform Breakdown


One of the top social media platforms to be on our list is Facebook with 2.2 billion active users as of 2019. The main audiences for this platform are millennials and Generation X. Industry impact is business to customer and it is best for advertising and brand awareness.


With a total user number of one billion from its current status report, Instagram is famous primarily among millennials. The photo and video platform also have a business to customer (B2C) industry impact. It is best for behind-the-scenes, natural-looking media, as well as advertising and user-generated content.


The industry impact of this social media platform is B2B or business to business. It has 645 million users all around the globe with a major audience of Generation X, millennials, and baby boomers. You should use this platform because it is best for business development, B2B relationships, and employment marketing.


This video sharing platform is used by 1.9 billion users with the majority of users from the millennial and generation Z group. It has a business to customer industry impact, which is why it is ideal for brand awareness, how-to videos, and overall entertainment.

Social Media Services

Individual Social Media

You want a promotional video? A package of social media videos? Animation? We can do it all! We are extremely versatile and can match up to any editing and visual style you can imagine.

Quality Social Media Posts

We offer the best service to all our clients, we will provide you with work of the highest quality in almost no time at all, no matter the size of the project you can trust us!

B2B or B2C strategy

Here at Hype we are committed to watching you succeed and actively focus on creating the best content to help maximise engagement for you and your business.

Recent Work

We are a full-service digital agency in SYDNEY specialising in Digital design, online social media marketing and social media. Our mission is to provide strategic social media marketing solutions to our clients by coming up with a strategy that will work for your business, coming up with post ideas or refining your content to deliver a positive ROI.

Social Media Video Edits

Social media is becoming ever more important when advertising your business to potential customers. From short bite sized animations to fully edited advertisements we can help create better engagement on all of your social media pages. Spice up your business and social media pages by displaying an attractive looking video to help promote your business today.

FAQ (Services)

We have a system in place, which takes both our ideas onto a platform which you review before any posts are posted on social media. We’ll work on posts until your satisfied. 

Using Adobe After Effects, we edit your video’s to suit the style you want! Don’t know exactly what you want, that’s not a problem, we can sit down and discuss with you the exact feel you want the video  to have, from there we will talk about the effects and match it up to the style of your business venture. Video and animations are quoted separately  and not included in any plans or packages on this page

This really just depends on the strategy. We create engaging posts, which more for branding and building up your social media brand. Unless you already have a large, ready to buy following, to generate sales you will to sponsor your posts buy paying the social media platform some money. Give us a call and lets see how we can help.

Let’s be honest, maintaining  your own social media requires time and energy.

We help you as much or as little as you require. Also, If you don’t have the proper know how, talent, equipment it can take hours upon hours over the expected time frame to get posts created and posted on schedule, consistently. If not done correctly, your business will come out looking unprofessional which will negatively impact your business.

We’ll generate assets during a strategy session we have with you. Please bring along all previous designs, photos and videos. We want you to love the posts we come up so these strategy sessions are very important.

Why Choose Us Social Management?

We match any style

You want a certain style in design? humorous language? Serious tone? We can do it all! We are extremely versatile and can match up to any content and visual style you can imagine.

Its a partnership

The more success we create for your business, the more you'll use our services, so we are committed to watching you succeed and actively focus on creating the best result for your business.


We offer the best service to all our clients, we will provide you with work of the highest quality in almost no time at all, no matter the size of the project you can trust us!


Social Media Management Package​

We’ve created a starter package for businesses on a budget. Equipped with all the necessities to help you connect to your followers and show the world your shine.

Free Audit

Get help on how to get better results.
$ 0 Free Audit
  • Strategy Analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Post analysis
  • Design analysis

Social Media Starter

Monthly Care plan perfect for small business.
$ Call Monthly + $660 setup
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • 32 posts per month
  • Community Engagement
  • Strategy Session / Set-up

Beat everyone​

This is the ultimate Google Ads experience. ​
$ Call Weekly
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • 32 posts per month
  • Community Engagement
  • Strategy Session / Set-up

Social Media Starter

  • We create 16 posts from original content you provide, then post to 2 social media platforms (total of 32 posts)
  • Posts will be scheduled to publish 4 times a week
  • We provide basic Community engagement the day of publishing and the following days to promote online activity and traffic to your page.
  • During the strategy session we will discuss your business goals, target audience, competitors, brand personality and design preferences.

Cutting-Edge Social Media Management Tool