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At Hype Studio, we are focused on growing businesses through Strategy, Awesome Graphics, Beautiful Web Design and Google search engine.

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Grow Your Business with a..

Professional WordPress Website design​

Your local leader in website design. Stand out online with a custom designed professional website, ecommerce store, or business portfolio. 

Choose from our beautiful website templates covering every industry. With Drag and Drop Elementor WordPress plugin you could easily customise your website. All our sites are mobile friendly. See our Website themes


Starting a New Business?

Save Time & Money, start with a Theme

Get more Business Leads

Google Advertising

Google Ads are a quick and easy advertising platform to generate leads immediately. We build campaigns to acquire leads that convert to sales by targeting low lying fruit to generate immediate cash flow. For organic learn more about our SEO services.


Get More Sales from Google Advertising

Google is the most visited and largest search engine on the planet. Data analytics shows us that 30% of total search traffic is received by the website ranking at position one. Business websites on the first page of the Google search results page reap over 75% of all of Google’s internet traffic.

Youtube Advertising

Get Amazing results on Youtube. We could help with editing and overlaying of text and other graphics on your videos, ready for youtube advertising.

Google Partners

Targeting your audience is proven to get many leads. For instance, if you sell metal works, having your image or video ads displayed on example Ebay's metal product pages would attract the right buyers.

Beautiful, Gorgeous designs

Get more Sales with Professional Graphic Designs

At Hype, we have access to some of the best graphic designers in Sydney, Australia. We’ve completed beautiful design projects such as Branding, UX/UI, Website Designs, Brand Identity, Logo Design, Ecommerce design, Layout / Copywriting with design, Photography/video Production/editing works. Although we don’t provide printing services, however we custom design business cards, letter heads, flyers, posters, point of sale, stationery, booklets and promotional items.

Graphic designs

Stand out in a crowded marketplace, with engaging video and graphics. We get to play with crayons and colouring pencils to bring your ideas to life.

Logo designs

We design unique and memorable logos which becomes your unique business signature that people will recognise and trust.

Website graphics

Images are worth a 1000's words. So, using the best website graphics we can get the message across in the most efficient way, and convert more customers.

Social Media

Engage with us to stand out in potential clients Social media feeds with top notch graphics and videos. Attract the right buyers to your website. Call us today!

All our work is 100% Guaranteed.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO - Get High Google Ranking


Search engine optimisation also known as SEO is a long term marketing method, to gain high ranking in search engines like Google and not pay for each click.

We develop our websites using WordPress which are made Search engine friendly. So rest assured, your website will be picked up by the search engines. SEO is a vast area which our team can help you with.

Project Details

Our clients work with us as they know we produce successful online businesses. We have exposed some of the most secret tools and techniques known to online marketers direct to our clients to further enforce their online sales and secure their niche. 

Mobile & Tablet friendly Website designs​

Look amazing on every screen with a mobile-friendly version of your WordPress website. We design according to your audience and measure and test to get maximum conversions. The Internet has become part of everyone’s lives to the point of where we can’t seem to live without. Technology is also moving a rapid pace. If your on a budget, and require a quick solution. Choose from our industry specific professionally designed templates. These Stunning Templates will help you with a starting point and get you going on the cheap. At Hype, we do the hard work for you while you concentrate on running your business.

How we work

1. Google Advertising

We start with Google Ads, generating leads and sales while targeting low lying fruit so that we build some cash flow.

2. Website improvements

During this stage we measure how your Ads are progressing, based on analytics we optimise your Ads to get more sales.

3. Optimisation

We look at how users travel through your website and optimise your website to get even more leads and sales.

Why Choose Us?

15 years of experience

We are faster and provide better web services then most in the industry. As a team, we always get things checked before shipping out and deliver fully functional WordPress websites for your business, that make money


We will maintain your data and protect your business details and files securely. We have a professional team, and we do everything in our power to keep our customers safe from the competition and other latest threats.

Our Plans

We offer Same pricing models whether you buy a little or a lot from us get the same discount as the big players. we will always try our best to quote you the best price possible.

All our work is 100% Guaranteed.

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