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Your logo is an important part of your #brand. It is a way for consumers to identify you instantly. Our logo designers create custom-designed,  beautiful logos for your business that makes you stand out from the competitors. Meet our creative logo designers here in Sydney.


Watch Our Logo Design Process

1. Your Audience

I ask the right questions to uncover the truth about who your customers are and why you need a new logo, and exactly what it is you're trying to achieve.

2. Moodboard

Once I have all the information I need, I'll build a visual mood board so we can all get on the same page very quickly about what it is we're trying to communicate.

3. The Delivery

Finally, we go underground for a couple of days and design your shiny new logo. After any necessary revisions, we'll hand the logo over to you to show to the whole world.

Logos We Designed

At Hype Studio, we design unique, simple and memorable logo designs, which becomes your unique business signature that people will recognise and trust. Whether you want to portray your company as a premium or affordable or fast or whatever you like, we’ll design that look for your business so that you have the best chance from the get-go. 


Yep. We don’t understand companies holding back designs from their clients… once you have paid us for the designs you own the copyrights to use them however you like. Once the logo concepts are approved, our graphic designer will prepare a ready for print logo files in both pdf and png format so that it could be used on any print material such as business cards, embroidery or signs. The png version of the logo can be used on your website, email signatures and more. You final custom logo design output can be used virtually anywhere.

Our logos are made so that they can be used amongst writing, blogging, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Linkedin, plus all types of print material since it will be handed over to you in vector format.

Logo designers are craftsmen. Or women and is a specialised skill.  Just as artists can charge from $50 to $50,000 for artwork it all depends on the artist and the company behind the design.

Our Logo design pricing is structured around for small business and is on the lower end which is very affordable. For very cheap logos such as the ones on Fiverr for $10, you really aren’t going to get the quality your after and possibly going to get a knockoff.


In Australia, on average, logo designs start from around $200 and go to about $1500.

Logo design is a specialised skill. We have been creating logos for years and have a time of designers to make sure the end result looks great and will work for you, and most importantly your audience. Make sure your logo designer or graphics specialist is local. If you use an overseas designer there’s always the chance your logos may. be stolen works which will be useless, with no chance of recovering fees.

No, theres no need. 

Designing is not rocket science. You need to understand graphic design, what colours mean, alignment etc then Its about having a plan and just putting in the time and effort to get the best results.  

No, we don’t.  We have tried outsourcing our work offshore but found that any results we achieved were quickly short-lived.  So we do all our graphic design and logo design work in-house with strategies that are good for the long term. Our in-house Sydney, Australia based Logo designer is amazing, and produces great logo designs for all types of businesses from construction and trades to catering or clothing. 

Logo design prices

For people to buy from you, they must like you, trust your brand, and see your business’s credibility.  To gain your customers’ trust and instil credibility in your products, you need to start with an awesome logo that portrays this. Through strategy, research, and experience, a professionally designed logo will help you achieve the signals to give your business that extra edge. We would need to look at your requirements for logo design prices in Australia and provide you with logo pricing at our Sydney office.

Amazing Logo design

Affordable, awesome designs
$ Call Logo design 1 concept, up to 3 revisions on chosen concept
  • Strategy Research
  • 1 concept
  • Up to 3 revisions

3 Amazing Logo designs

3 Amazing results
$ Call Logo design 3 concepts, up to 3 revisions on chosen concept
  • Strategy Research
  • 3 concepts
  • Up to 3 revisions


Why Choose Us?

Skilled Designers

Our Sydney based logo designers are faster and provide better designs. Our team consult with one another to get the best logo designs in various formats.

Locally Designed

We are local in Sydney, Australia, and use local logo designers. Be assured you will receive a custom-designed beautiful logo and avoid copyright infringements.


We offer a logo pricing model that's the most competitive in the industry. We will always try our best to quote you the best logo design price possible in Australia.