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Professional Video edits & Animations

Stylised video editing, animations and more.  You give us the footage and we’ll edit it to perfection. Need raw content or new content? Call us, We have access to plenty of stock video and animations.


Google Ad Animations

Google ads and banners are a great way to attract more customers to your website to purchase goods and services. Why not take it a step further and give your ads a bit of flair! Having an animated ad will make your business look far more professional as a brand and will draw more attention than a stagnant image. Invest in animated google ads and watch your engagement rate sky-rocket.

YouTube Videos

Take advantage of YouTube’s beneficial advertising platform to reach bigger audiences. As a brand using YouTube is a sure-fire way to generate higher rates of engagement with target audiences. Using our services, you can take your business above and beyond. We’ll resonate with your style, provide insight into YouTube advertising and won’t settle with anything less than perfect.

Story Animation

Creating an advert that screams “choose me!” is good and all, however after a while it loses its touch, customers look for a reason to choose your business, so let’s give them one, script out a successful case study! We can Generate an animation to project your business. Share a story and connect with a larger audience.

Company Profile Videos

Give your audience an interesting short synopsis about your business. A profile video will catch your customer’s attention. It’s important to grab the viewers’ attention in the first 5 seconds, for us the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity, Let us help you create and edit a perfect profile video today and showcase your businesses values.

Company Logo Reveal

Start or end your videos with a Company Logo Reveal, also known as Logo Stinger or opener. Its an awesome way to build up your brand. Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today because it allows you to showcase your brand in more interactive and engaging ways. But make sure its created professional to make sure it works for you.

Website Videos

Have you been looking to upgrade your website? want motion graphics or background videos to play behind other website content, we can help create these for your website and refine it into a fully devised edit showcasing all of the best features your business has to offer.

Social Media Video Edits

Social media is becoming ever more important when advertising your business to potential customers. From short bite sized animations to fully edited advertisements we can help create better engagement on all of your social media pages. Spice up your business and social media pages by displaying an attractive looking video to help promote your business today.


Using Adobe After Effects, we edit your video’s to suit the style you want! Don’t know exactly what you want, that’s not a problem, we can sit down and discuss with you the exact feel you want the video  to have, from there we will talk about the effects and match it up to the style of your business venture.

This really just depends on the video, obviously an eight second fully edited advertisement is going to be edited far quicker than anything that may exceed eight minutes. Give us a call and we can discuss your time frame and how we can help.
Let’s be honest, editing your own video’s requires an extremely strong computer system. If you don’t have the proper equipment it can take hours upon hours over the expected time frame to get the video edited. With this in mind you must also consider that with little experience in editing videos that the work won’t render the way you want and the finished product will come out looking unprofessional.

We’ll need you to provide us with the raw footage you have taken. and provide us with instructions on how you want the video done, be as involved with the process as you want! We want you to love the final product.

Why Choose Us?

We match any style

You want a promotional video? A package of social media videos? Animation? We can do it all! We are extremely versatile and can match up to any editing and visual style you can imagine.

Our motivation is your success

Here at Hype we are committed to watching you succeed and actively focus on creating the best content to help maximise engagement for you and your business.

Reliable & Professional

We offer the best service to all our clients, we will provide you with work of the highest quality in almost no time at all, no matter the size of the project you can trust us!

Design Process

Our typical video and 2d animation design process go something like this. We start with a strategy session to help us understand the objective of your business. We then book you in for a day to sit with our designer and mock-up the main design theme. Once we have your approval on the theme, we then go through building out the rest of the video or animation.

Some of Our Services

  • We apply special effects, colour grading and audio mixing to give your videos a flawless finish.
  • Create new video from clips, stock video, or graphics
  • We turn bland videos/animations into perfected products
  • Bring weak Ideas/animations/videos to life
  • Improve footage and arrange it to fit in with the storyboard.
  • We can edit your existing videos and animations  
  • Consulting, Strategy and footage feedback
  • Create new animation from clips, stock animation, or graphics

Create a video Portfolio

Here at the studio we can edit your video into whatever style you want to make unique and memorable videos. Let us help edit a video to perfectly portray your business to customers.


Want to make your business look the part? Enhance your engagement on all of your platforms? Grab your audience’s attention with professional editing sure to leave a lasting impression. Talk to us today and we will help generate professional editing that will help showcase the best features of your business.