Tried, Tested and Proven Headlines and CTAs in 2020

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Struggling to turn website visitors into sales or sign-ups? You’re not alone. Imagine having a top-notch website with stellar content and graphics, yet falling short because there’s no clear call to action (CTA) guiding visitors towards the next step. Whether it’s making a purchase or starting a trial, your site needs that crucial nudge.

CTAs are your best friend in the digital world, acting as the bridge between browsing and action. But what exactly is a CTA? Simply put, it’s that push needed to turn a visitor into a customer or a lead. And with the average visitor giving you a mere 7 seconds to capture their interest, your headlines and content need to be compelling enough to keep them engaged and ready to take action.

Here’s the kicker: great CTAs are backed by irresistible headlines. Whether it’s “20 Healthy Eating Habits of the Super Fit” or “Unlock Exclusive Deals Today Only!”, your titles need to grab attention. But it doesn’t stop there. Incorporating effective headlines throughout your site ensures that as visitors scan your content, they’re constantly enticed to read on and, ultimately, act.

So, how do you craft these magnetic headlines and CTAs? Start by pinpointing what your business offers, like “Bouquets from Local Growers” or “Web Hosting Plans”. Make sure your services can be purchased online with prompts like “Shop Online at [Brand]” or “Order On The Go”. Highlight shipping options, benefits, brand strength, and inventory to make your offers irresistible.

Remember, the right CTA can transform your website from a passive showcase into a dynamic sales machine. From “Try it free for 7 days” to “Shop Now”, the best CTAs are direct, engaging, and impossible to ignore. So, let’s revamp your website with headlines and CTAs that not only capture attention but convert visitors into loyal customers. Ready to boost your conversions? Let’s dive in!

Here’s a list of top 50 Call-to-Action (CTA) phrases that can help engage visitors and drive conversions on your website:

  1. Sign Up for Free
  2. Subscribe Now
  3. Get Started Today
  4. Join the Community
  5. Try It Free for 7 Days
  6. Book Your Free Consultation
  7. Claim Your Free Trial
  8. Download the Guide
  9. Get Your Free Quote
  10. Shop Our Collection
  11. View Features
  12. Learn More
  13. Request a Demo
  14. Find Out More
  15. See Pricing
  16. Add to Cart
  17. Buy Now
  18. Order Today
  19. Reserve Your Spot
  20. Start Your Journey
  21. Discover More
  22. Register Now
  23. Schedule a Call
  24. Take the Quiz
  25. Watch the Video
  26. Grab the Deal
  27. Access Now
  28. Read the Article
  29. Explore Services
  30. Contact Us Today
  31. Join Now
  32. Activate Offer
  33. Start Learning
  34. Get Exclusive Access
  35. Shop Bestsellers
  36. Save Now
  37. Upgrade Your Account
  38. Book Now
  39. Get a Discount
  40. Start Your Free Trial
  41. Enroll Today
  42. Apply Now
  43. Get Started
  44. Join Free for a Month
  45. Send Me Specials Now
  46. Claim Your Spot
  47. Subscribe & Save
  48. Get the App

These CTAs cover a broad range of actions, from signing up and subscribing to making a purchase or learning more about a product or service. 

Adjust and tailor them to fit the specific context and goals of your website or campaign.

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