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How to Grow your business, Follow the 8 ‘R’s Hype Studio Priniciple

The 8 R's

There are 8 things you can do in any business that will take it to the next level! Even by improving just one of these areas, your business can experience rapid growth.


Sticking to a regimen of using a smart CRM tool to oversee your marketing will lead to success.


Consistently deliver the same great results to your clients utilising automated software


Is everything for a business: Increase by improving systems, designs, reviews and more


Take advantage and Resell to existing clients for the next 10 years, without spending on Ads.


Get new clients: Advertise on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Email, SMS & Tiktok.


No one one buys first visit: Nurture visitors and chase them all over the net until they buy.


Automated the process of collecting reviews and management of negative reviews


Automatic requesting for referrals and affiliate systems to generate more sales
How Many R's are you doing ?

remove this and everything else below

Combine all Chats

Collect all client chats and messages in one place: Email, SMS, messenger or Whatsapp.

Sales Pipeline

Track leads easily. Use Pipeline Management to see where leads are and their stage in the sales process.


IVR feature simplifies calls, letting customers choose options, like 'Press 1 for sales' or '2 for support.

Website Building Tools


Engage and Understand: Create Dynamic Surveys to Gain Valuable Feedback and Drive Decisions.

Membership Areas

Create Videos, Courses and Communities just like Facebook.

Lead Capture

Build and manage website, funnels, and appointments effortlessly with our intuitive drag-and-drop platform

Easily create eye-catching landing pages and customise full websites with our user-friendly platform.

Manage your appointments smoothly with Hype Studio’s built-in calendar, streamlining your scheduling process.

The Sales Machine

Improve your sales with a complete marketing system with nurture sequences – Capture, Nurture & Close

Effortlessly gather leads with our comprehensive suite of tools, including landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, and an inbound phone system.

Seamlessly engage your leads through automated communication channels like voicemail, forced calls, SMS, emails, and Facebook Messenger.

Leverage our integrated tools for smooth payment processing, appointment scheduling, and tracking vital analytics!”

All-In-One Platform

One place for all your Marketing, Sales, and Operational needs. Drive revenue, increase productivity, and achieve real growth with the Hype Studio Platform. 



Streamlined Billing: Create, Manage, and Send Invoices with Ease for Faster Payment Processing.

Leads to Customers

Hype helps you achieve great results after you’ve gained a lead.

Our platform enhances your business, by turning leads into loyal customers with customisable, automated multi-channel responses.

Respond to leads from website forms, Facebook, and Google ads with timely information and follow-up queries automatically with pre-programmed data.

Monetise Your Expertise

Boost your expertise and effortlessly host and enhance engaging courses and membership programs

Turn your knowledge into profit with our all-in-one platform, perfect for hosting courses and membership programs, and encouraging community interaction.

Choose from various customisable courses and membership templates and engage users in discussions with our integrated comments system.

Membership Areas

Effortlessly build and nurture your client community – Connect, Engage, Convert

Unite your community, courses, and content seamlessly with our all-in-one platform, eliminating the need for multiple tools.

Foster organised discussions, private areas, and rich posts, all in a space that mirrors your brand’s identity.

Grow your community with paid memberships, subscriptions, exclusive access, and upsells, along with free trials and special offers.

Google Ranking SEO

HYPE SEO and marketing tools help you reach your target audience. It’s easy for anyone to optimise their content with a click of a button. Schema, sitemap, title and meta descriptions are all generated, plus more.

Beat your Competition Today.


Transform your concept into reality using our user-friendly store builder, which features intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. There’s no need for programming skills – only your innovative idea is necessary.

Choose from a variety of adaptable designs, for a fast,  professional online shopfront.