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Professional Website Design for Mechanics

Your local leader in mechanics website designs. Stand out online with a custom-designed professional website, e-commerce store, or business portfolio of past projects of cars, trucks or other vehicles.

Or choose from our beautiful website template (see below). With the Drag and Drop Elementor WordPress plugin, you could easily customise your website.
All websites designed by us are mobile-friendly.
See our Website themes.


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Google Advertising for Mechanics

Google Ads are a quick and easy advertising platform to generate leads immediately for your mechanical workshop. We build campaigns to acquire leads that convert to sales by targeting low lying fruit to generate immediate cash flow. For a more in-depth overview, learn more about our SEO services.

Get More Sales from Google Advertising

Google is the most visited and largest search engine on the planet. Data analytics shows us that 30% of total search traffic is received by the website ranking at position one. Business websites on the first page of the Google search results page reap over 75% of all of Google’s internet traffic. Make sure your mechanical workshop doesn’t miss out on a piece of the pie.

YouTube vehicle Advertising

Get Amazing results on YouTube. We can help with the editing and overlaying of text and create other outstanding graphics for your mechanic and car videos, professionally made and ready for YouTube advertising.

Google Partners

Finding your target audience has proven to generate numerous leads. For example, if you sell car parts, having your image or video ads displayed on EBay’s vehicle or trucks sales section would attract the right customers.

Mechanics Marketing Strategies to Increase Leads and Find New Clients

Beautiful, Gorgeous designs

More Sales with Professional Mechanics based Graphic Designs

 We’ve completed stunning design projects across the industry in Branding, UX/UI, Website Designs, Brand Identity, Logo Design, Ecommerce design, Layout / Copywriting with design and Photography/Video Production/editing works.

We can assist in designing graphic elements for your mechanic shop for all sorts of medium from signage to print to web. Contact us with your requirements

Graphic designs

Stand out in a crowded marketplace with engaging video and graphics for your tyre shop. We can design astonishing graphics using the best editing software such as adobe photoshop and illustrator.

Logo designs

We design unique and memorable logos for mechanics, which will become your brand's unique business signature that people will recognise and trust. We make your ideas a reality.

Website graphics

Imagery draws the attention of thousands. Using the best website graphics, we produce mechanics images that can speak louder than words, generate traction and attract more customers.

Social Media

Engage with us to stand out to more potential clients. Social media feeds with top-notch graphics and videos, attract the right consumers to your website. Call us today!

All our work is 100% Guaranteed.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO - Get High Google Ranking for your Mechanics Business

Search engine optimisation, also known as SEO, is a long term marketing method to gain a higher ranking in search engines like Google and not pay for each click, perfect for mechanics workshops, car salons, and tire shops.

We develop our websites using WordPress, which are generated to be search engine friendly. Rest assured, search engines will pick up your website. SEO is a vast area in which our team can assist you in. We have a range of services for mechanics and Search engine marketing.

Mobile & Tablet friendly Responsive Website Designs

Look amazing on every screen with a mobile-friendly version of your WordPress website. We design according to your target audience. We measure and test your website to produce results fast. The Internet has become a part of everyone’s lives, so we can now acknowledge it as an essential part of living because this technology is also developing rapidly. Suppose you’re on a budget and require a quick solution. Please choose from our industry-specific, professionally designed templates. These Stunning Templates will help you create a foundation and get your business started from the ground up. At Hype, we do all the hard work for you, so you can concentrate on running your business.

How we work

1. Google Advertising

We start with Google Ads, generating leads and sales while targeting low-lying fruit to produce a cash flow to do more marketing.

2. Website improvements

We evaluate how your Ads are progressing, and based on your analytics data; we optimise your Ads to achieve more sales during this stage.

3. Optimisation

We look at how users travel through your website and optimise your website to get even more leads and sales.

Why Choose Us?

15 Years Experience

We are proficient and provide better service than most in the industry. As a team, we always check the project to ensure the best quality before shipping out and deliver fully functional WordPress websites, set to produce income for you and your business.


We keep your data confidential, securing your business details and files definitely. We have a professional team, and we do everything in our power to keep our customers safe from competition and other outside threats.

Our Plans

Whether you buy a little or a lot from us, we offer the same pricing models, get the same discount as the big players. We will always try our best to quote you the best price possible. Contact our office to discuss our pricing and plans.

All our work is 100% Guaranteed.

Mechanic website template

Auto Service specialists

Perfect for tyres, car repairs and servicing businesses wanting to quickly get online. With minimal fuss, you can have a web designer revamp this mechanics website template to match your business brand. Contact us today.

Our Services

what we do best.

Worker in uniform checks engine, car service

Is your engine warning light on? 

If it is, there may be something wrong and your car may need immediate attention. However, you can visit our shop today and we can assist your needs.

Metalworking Mechanic

At our mechanic shop, we strive to be the best at what we do. When servicing cars we ensure to put full effort into all of our projects. We use quality parts that are backed up with a nationwide guarantee giving you peace while your driving.

Car Engine Oil Change

It’s important to know which grade of oil is recommended for your vehicle. In addition to 10W-30, other common viscosities are 5W-30 and 5W-20. Our team will ensure you receive the best oil for your car.

Man signs a contract in car dealership

Are you in need of a pink sleep? 

We will quickly inspect your vehicles in order to hand you the pink slip in the fastest manner. If you are caught on the road with a vehicle that doesn’t have a pink slip, you can receive a fine of $1200.

ac ventilation deck

Today’s vehicles are quite complex as they consistently require servicing. A vehicles air conditioning system also requires servicing regularly to ensure continued efficiency and reliability. If you need an inspection on your vehicle cooling system, we are the right people to come to.

Loss Adjuster Using Digital Tablet In Car Wreck Inspection

A qualified mechanic will complete a visual inspection whilst looking at 65 different aspects of your vehicle. The 65 point Inspection can allow you to know of any issues before they affect you and your family. This way you can drive safely on the roads without issues.

Auto Repair Brake Change Engine Technique Concept

If you have issues with your brakes, you must visit a mechanic like us that is experienced and trusted. Regular inspections like our 65 part vehicle report, are necessary for confirming your brakes are performing as expected.

Unrecognizable Man Painting Car

Is your car’s paint starting to fall apart?

Our all-new, fully equipped body shop enables us to offer a full or partial paint respray service for your car, motorbike or van.

Car Battery Jump Starter

Do you suspect that your vehicle batteries are faulty?

Make sure to come into our Mechanic Shop to receive a complete battery starting and charging system inspection.

Car Battery Measurement

At our mechanic shop, we do battery testing, sell and fit new car batteries. Our technicians do a load test as part of every 65 Point Vehicle Inspection Report. If you have concerns, we can do a stand-alone battery test and inspection to ensure your brakes are working perfectly.

specialist truck mechanic in the car service

At our shop, we will service any issues relating to 4wd, diesel vehicle repairs, and inspections. A diesel engine is more efficient, better for the environment and cheaper to run than its petrol-powered counterpart. However, it requires regular servicing to keep it running at an ultimate level.

Businesswoman signing documents on desk in office

At our shop, we can perform qualified log book servicing on a wide range of makes and models. Keeping up with your Log Book schedule helps to maintain your rights to a new car warranty and also allows you to keep track of any issues related to the car in the past.

Mechanic in a workshop

Cooling system failures within cars rank among the top three causes of roadside breakdowns in Australia. However, you can ensure the safety of yourself and your vehicle by bringing it here for radiator and cooling system services.

Car Wheel and Tires Cleaning

We can combine our fully qualified expertise and knowledge to not only make sure your wheels are aligned correctly but to confirm there are no issues with the technologies behind the wheel that keep you safe on the roads.

Auto Service Business Concept

Here at our shop we priorities the safety of yourselves and your vehicles to ensure they run smoothly and without any underlying issues. If you have any issues with your vehicle make sure to contact us today.


the best workshop.

Why choose us

expert Mechanics.

Sydney Mechanics is a fleet of mobile mechanics delivering high quality vehicle services to your door. A mobile mechanic is the convenient way to keep your vehicle running at peak performance, arranging the perfect time and place for your vehicle service that suits you best.

Sydney Mechanical was established in 2001.  With 40 years of combined mechanical skills and knowledge, Sydney Mechanical has attained a status of winner of several  Business Awards!


Steering and Suspension Check leaves nothing to chance. Carried out by expert technicians and mechanics

Wheel Checking

Our experts will check the pressure of your tyres, including the spare and explain to you the best tyre pressure setting for your vehicle.


Our check covers all essential under-car component including brakes, bushes and assembly parts.

battery check

Our experts will check your battery with the battery analyser. It gives an accurate report on the charge rate and expected service life.

Completed Projects

Car engine
Rehearsal for car engine
vehicle engine
engine bay

Mechanics and Tyre Marketing

This Powerful & stylish Mechanics and tyre services WordPress template with a minimal clean design specifically created for small mechanics businesses and is a great theme to start with.

Mechanics and Tyre Servicing Website Designers in Sydney

Hype Studio is an Australian (Sydney) based digital marketing business which can help you and your mechanic/tyre business to get online and get more traffic on your website. Offline advertising such as street sign advertising once worked well however these days buyers first research online before buying. In any case, the main thing with any type of marketing is to make sure that you’ve got the right message, the right image that matches up with your brand, displayed where your audience hangs out. Learn more about our web design services

Seo For Mechanics and Tyre Shop Websites

This website theme regarding mechanics and tyre businesses is developed under the consideration of search engine ranking. In other words, its search engine optimised, so replacing the content throughout this website with your own content will automatically help your website and have a higher chance of being ranked high on the Google search engine. Alternatively, if you have an existing mechanic or tyre shop website that you want to rank high in the search engines, we can help using our SEO services.

Signage for Mechanics and Tyre Shops

If you have a traditional mechanic or tyre store and require signage such as awning signs, window signs, A-frames or any other sign to promote your business, we may be able to help with your design and marketing using our in-house graphic designers along with our signage department – Signworks. See more information about our signage solutions

Print Ready Designs for Your Mechanic and Tyre Needs

We specialise in online digital marketing; however, we have in-house graphic designers that can design your print material such as business cards, flyers, brochures and catalogues for your mechanic or tyre business. Learn about our printing services.

Mechanic ad Tyre Business Advertising

There’s a range of marketing that works for mechanics and tyre companies, Google advertising and social media advertising such as Facebook and Instagram advertising being some of the major players. Contact us to discuss what works best.

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" The mechanics of industry is easy. The real engine is in the people : Their motivation and direction"
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We offer a full range of garage services to vehicle owners at our shop. Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of car services. 

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