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The best way to keep the mouth healthy and comfortable is to follow your dentist's recommended check-up and clean appointments.




MyDentist is one of Australia’s leading dentists, specialising in just the healthcare of tooth and gum diseases. We are a young, diverse and energetic team, willing, ready and able to help you.

Our dentists are by far the most experienced healthcare providers in Australia. So whether you are looking to have a basic filling done, or braces fitted at our two consultation room practice or a full blown day surgery, we have you covered.


myDentist  has and will continue to deliver an unrivalled service, leading the way in the healthcare dental industry. Unlike our competitors, we are licensed and we guarantee to deliver – Pain free, Quality, Assurance and Peace of mind. Our Dental surgery’s  uniqueness is its ability to deliver a first class product, at an affordable cost. Give us a call today to experience the difference.

My dentistry, strengthening and building your teeth to last.


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