Top 20 SEO improvements for high Google ranking.

In today’s world, the customer clicks only top search results on google.

There are more than 30% chancesthat the top result gets clicked by the viewer.

We will show you 20 simple ways to improve your ranking and will increase your chances of getting clicked.

First Things First

1-Evaluate you current ranking

To make impartments, first we have to check the current ranking and standings,

to do this there are lots of online tools available such as, etc


keyword rank checker

Keyword rank checker


It will show Keywords specific results by providing the domain name and location.

    • It shows the current site ranking in the eye of search engines
    • Number of times that domain is searched
    • It will also show the click cost of your website if your website is implementing google ads.

Also check health of the website and remove some basic existing errors and warnings

You check the domain health on any online tool, or you can use

2-Understand Google Ranking algorithm.

If you want good grades in examination, prepare the examination according to the assessment criteria,

Google ranks the pages on its unique intelligent ranking algorithm.

According to Google, they are changing ranking algorithm every year and making hundreds of small updates, during the year.

Following picture illustrates the understanding of Google ranking Algorithm.


Components of Google ranking algorithm

Google ranking algorithm


Google has produced the number of algorithms to rank websites functionality and quality over the quantity or spammers. E.g.

Google understands the intent of the searcher rather the keywords and understands the query you want to say aside you are using keywords or not.

Google is hunting down the spammers black hat SEO includes, fake internet traffic, clicks and users.

Google other assessment criteria are mentioned below in the details

3-Age matters

The age of the webpage really matters, it’s more likely you get to place on the first page of the google if website age is 5 year or more,

newly born website does not get popularity even because of their fewer backlinks and their referencing links,

you have to be patient if you want to improve rankings of the webpage.

Moreover, over time, with your content, you get more audience, and you make your brand.

The graph below shows the popularity of the websites over the time, that indicates the importance of the age factor.


Page rank with year to show age and influence on rankings

Age of a domain


4-Improve title Tags

Tags are still a big part of how your site will perform.

Tags should be descriptive, unique, and related to targeted keywords.
Produce unique tags and do not repeat again and again

Curly Hair Leave-in Conditioner – Hair Care | Diana’s DIY

    • Use pipes (|) and dashes ( – ) instead of other characters.
    • Try not ALL CAPS; tags must be written in an appropriate form.
    • Put the essential and unique keywords first.
    • Write natural strings related to your keywords over forced keyword phrases.
    • Overstuffing keywords is terrible practice.


5-Improve content


Content is the essential part of the website or any page if the content is good,

the viewer will stay longer on your page, and it will attract the traffic.

Good content means, easy to read, use of keywords, emotions, excellent visual presentation

Heres a few ideas to use to easily write good content eg. top 20  so you might have a title “top 20 things to do to get high google ranking, or do x and get y today. Best titles are short and clear: “if this then that” eg “if you want more leads from your website, then follow these 7 simple steps”… are just some examples however make sure its good value. Google can decipher Good qulaity valuable content.


6-Improve Website loading speed.

Speed test

Speed test


Search engine always keeps an eye on the loading of the web pages, and latency should be very low to get good ranking.

Moreover, the visitor would not like to wait for the page to open and will never come back again, and the page will lose the visitors leads to less traffic.

Following easy tips can help your website to open faster.

    • Choosing a fast web server can increase the speed of the website
    • Optimize website code and add site map to your website


  • Optimize website images to load them faster on several browsers

You can check the speed of the domain by using

Put the URL and location will show the latency of the website and all the speed-related insights. As seen above


7-Make Websites mobile friendly:


According to the research, more than half ( 55% ) of the website request come from mobile devices and rest from PC web browsers.

There are more mobile users than PC users

The website should be compatible and optimized for mobile web browsers.

You can optimize your page and make mobile-friendly by using the following techniques.

Do not use Flash, Flash content and Flash player greatly downgrade the performance of the website and makes it slower for Mobile phones.

Use Mobile Plugins like WPtouch.

There is a unique tag called “meta viewport tag” add in the header of every page, to tell browsers so that it adapts according to the device.


Improve postions in Google results for mobile sites

mobile responsive design

8-Add Metadata


It’s the description of the content.

We have usually seen in the search engine after the query and the sites link.


It’s important to add the metadata, a good, concise description increases the chance of getting clicked. Moreover, add keywords metadata.


9-Use Specific keywords

According to google ranking algorithm, the use of keywords is very useful and critical, keywords should be:

    • Relevant


    • Appropriate


    • Understandable



e-g except using “Fast Food” use “Best Fast Food in Sydney.”

This will increase the SEO of the website and will make it more relevant

Include every keyword in the header tag.

Here an example of keywords for gaming website



10-Write Interesting and worthy titles


The title is the most focused part. in any webpage or blog.

A title must be interesting to grab the attention

We will tell you how to write an excellent title that add value to your page.

Here are some guidelines you must follow:

A Title

    • Must be click-worthy


    • Relevant to the content


    • Must contain keywords


    • Emotional


    • Not more than 65 words


Example :



Improve CTR with good Titles

11-Include valuable backlinks


Backlinks are the URLs from the other websites.

Including High Page Rank (PR) links are essential to attain a high rank in google.

The high PR links must be from relevant websites or blogs.

Create backlinks by commenting in different high PR the blogs with your signature and include that into the webpage.


12-Fix Broken Links


Broken links or dead links are very lethal for the website. They would lower the rank if you had any in your website,

Make sure all the links are working on your page

Check the links by using broken link check websites.

Identify the broken links and replace them with live links; they must be relevant.

13-Connect your page to social media.


Connecting your website to social media, greatly enhance your ranking,

when someone tweet or share your content to the social media it creates a direct inbound link to your page.

Create a blog, and update frequently

Share content to the social media

Connect and share to social media websites.

14-Create Longer Content

In blogs, the content length must be more than 2000 words

; in research, the pattern has shown that more content leads to more high rank.

If you got less than 2000 words, add contents of the existing text, instead of writing from the start.

Sometimes topic does not demand lengthy paragraphs, only needs bullet points.

The purpose of writing in details is to satisfy the reader with enough details,

so the reader does not go to other sites to find relevant information; the user must be satisfied with the knowledge.


15-Create Google Business account and add your contact and About us details.

A visitor must know what the page is about, what the company is about, and what the business is about.

“About us” contain a detailed summary that someone could read and understand the working of the organization,

that significantly updates the structure of the website helps in SEO.

Moreover, contact details are also more critical, google uses contact details in their search engines to show the contact details

on searching the keywords or specific website, so the user can directly connect through the phone.

Here is an example:

Google business

Google business


16- Add video in the content.

Videos are more eye-catching and usually engage the audience, and people prefer to watch a video rather reading,

and videos are more emotional than the text. Moreover, you can put a link to your YouTube video channel that can play

a vital role in getting traffic to the YouTube channel

Merely adding a video to your page, will not affect your ranking much,

rather it directly relates to lower bounce rate and longer dwell time.

As the video contents grab the attention, now even every vendor and company like

Apple and Microsoft are putting videos of the products instead just image and descriptions.

You will find “Play” button on every website now a days, “Watch Now” even you will find “Watch Later” button,

that helps to gain higher ranking.

17- Make your Page secure

Every Website must be protected and provides a secure link to the user,

that dramatically affects your ranking, especially in E-Commerce websites.

Use a newer version of HTTP that is HTTPS, and also use SSL

If your Website is not secure, Google will not give higher ranking and the visitor will never buy items or will not use any payment system

18-Add Sitemaps


The sitemaps are the directory of your website, contain links to all pages listed, Sitemap

makes search engine easy to crawl as well as enhance the user interactions.

Adding them to the website or webpage is very easy, but it adds value to your website.

19- Create a Blog


Blogs crawled quicker than web pages. According to research websites with a blog have

more traffic than those who don’t use blogs

Through blogging, you can get more natural traffic with your daily updates, answer to every

question, or produce and post new ways of how to do things? People learn significantly

from the internet and most of the answers they found on blogs rather static websites.

You can start a blog for any kind of business or topic. Moreover, they are the backbone for

SEO and nowadays are more popular

How to do it?

    • Blogging needs excellent writing skills. Improve writing skills or hire a writer.


    • Optimize blog content for SEO and also choose a creative theme


    • Publish posts regularly or frequently, at least a week, because your blog should be noticed if you want popularity,add hot topics and news and write interesting facts that are not known by everyone.


20- Submit URL to Directories

New sites or webpages must:

You must submit the URL to one or more directories depending on the latest Google policies (that is changing every year).

There are lots of free web directories but choose paid ones, with High PR. That is more recognised.

It is an old technique for SEO, but you can still use it, but putting links everywhere makes it worse.


On Google everyone wants the first page, why not you, we have provided you with the ways

you can Improve your ranking using SEO (Search engine optimisation) techniques, there are

many ways of implementing the SEO skills.

There is no shortcut for success, improving your rank is not an easy task, it takes time, lots of work,

quality of work, devotions and the audience or internet traffic. All the factors mentioned above are to

approach these factors. Moreover, you should keep yourself up to date and regularly update your content,

engage the audience, get real traffic, don’t use shortcuts for getting a higher rank.

Technically, most of the ranking belongs to Google, there are other search engines,

but almost 80% of the request comes from google, and almost 95% of the requests come

from search engines,other use direct URLs for the websites. That’s why Page Ranking,

SEO and High Page ranking directly links with Google Page ranking algorithms.

People, always like and admire good quality content , it doesn’t matter from where you belong,

If your content is not competent and its outdated, it does not matter how good your rank is,

eventually the bounce rate will go up and your Page rank will go down, so in a nutshell,

it’s the mixture of good quality works and some techniques to optimise the performance and Page Rank of your webpage.