The Secret to a Successful Website is Website Maintenance.


Just like any PC software, vehicle or machinery, websites require maintenance to keeping the site working correctly.

Avoiding website maintenance is like skipping your cars service schedule.

You wouldn’t drive your car, boat or truck very long if you didn’t look after its maintenance, would you? Not updating Microsoft Windows will eventually get you hacked or your PC planted with a virus.

Well, the same holds for your website maintenance.

Your website should always be at its best as its generating you, income or serving your viewers; it should be energetic and dynamic presenting your business at its finest.

Online Advertising & Websites Are Not “Set and Forget” 

If you don’t have your website maintained every month, you may be throwing money out the window.

Website visitors often never stick around when they land on ugly, slow-loading or error-filled web pages.

Most website owners never check their site to see how it’s operating.

Website issues and downtime can not only lose you, potential customers, but it will also affect your Google rankings. 

The Benefits of Website Maintenance

Get ahead of your competition; Many people don’t realise the benefits of website maintenance:

Website performance, such as its uptime and load time speeds is dependent on the WordPress code and plugins being on the latest versions, functioning as they should.

The website growth, with regular content additions and changes, along with beautiful graphic changes and analytics monitoring, is all dependent on you having someone making sure all updates to the website are implemented consistently in a smooth and error-free fashion.

Maintenance Workflow

At Hype Studio, we take great care to maintain our client’s sites that are on our care plans;

We first backup your website, so we have a copy of your files to fall back on if anything goes wrong.

We then check your website after our updates for any issues.

If there is ever an issue with the upgrades, we see what plugin version was changed and revert (Our software keeps a record of plugins we update).

Our monthly maintenance reports include the performance of your website and security scans we’ve performed. If we ever catch a plugin issue, we address it before you ever know there’s a problem.

Dangers of Do It Yourself website Maintenance

If you decide to update your WordPress software from the admin, and a plugin created an issue a few weeks later, it would be difficult to know what changed and how you should revert without restoring an old backup (and possibly losing content changes, sale orders, contact entries, you name it) since you wouldn’t have a record of what was done. Maintaining your website could cost you more than you think.

It Costs a lot More to Fix Than to Maintain

Not being Inexperienced can affect the design and damage the look or functionality of your website.

When that happens, either, you try and fix it yourself, in which case you may do further damage. Or you can pay a hefty price for someone experienced to fix it.

Just like your car, if the engine is damaged because maintenance was neglected, it will cost you more to fix it than it does to maintain it properly at regular intervals in the first place.

Regular website maintenance keeps your web site running smoothly.

Call in a Professional

Have peace of mind knowing your website is being taken care of by the professionals? Would you try and do your lawyers job for them?

Then why try to maintain your own site if you’re not a web expert?

By engaging an experienced web design agency to update and maintain your website correctly, you are saving yourself from a potential loss of sales and visitors.

If you’re interested in securing a maintenance arrangement for your web site, contact our company to learn more about how we can keep your site in proper working order.