Window frosting or the frosting glass look is widely used in commercial interiors and exteriors like shopfronts. The frosting film we use is for commercial use and of high grade unlike the ones you find on ebay. The film is non permanent and can be scrapped off if required and requires little maintenance apart from a wipe with soapy water every so often when needed.

Frosted glass film reduces heat from entering if used on outside windows, Protects from UV rays, increases privacy and Safety and Security.

Window frosting Applications

Can be used to cover a full shop front window, to half a shop front window, reception glass, directors room, open plan office areas to your boardroom or meeting room and is a very inexpensive way to create privacy without cutting out the natural light.

 Frosting not only for business but can be used at home

Create privacy in your bathroom, toilet, room, your balcony or garden areas by adding glass frosting decals.

Our frosting film material is of high grade, long lasting and non permanent. once applied the room is instantly private. No need to use curtains, blinds or plants. Light will still pass through and allow the room look bigger, brighter then when a curtain is used. Window frosting is by far cheaper then curtains and blinds, and continues to allow diffused light to enter the room.

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