Awesome Lightbox signs

Get a beautiful lightbox signs for your business by our team of experienced designers and fabricators that would make your business  stand out from the rest on the street.  We provide a number of signbox solutions  so its best to come into our workshop and have a chat with us.

Lightbox Signs

Lightbox ‘s are generally made from aluminium box with clear acrylic and vinyl lettering or a graphics decal over it. 3D Lettering, graphics or logo on stand-offs with an acrylic front or vinyl over a panel, with standoffs from behind is also a possibility. In fact the possibilities are endless and its best to come in and discuss your requirements with us in person.

 Drop into our Hype Studio Sydney store to have a friendly chat regarding your Lightbox Signage needs. We have a wide range of solutions and its best to discuss in person.

Our  sign box’s can also come painted or anodised  to your specified requirements. Every bit makes a difference so we’d like to match the colours of your sign box to your store theme colours.

LED or fluorescent lightbox’s 

Add electronic LED’s or fluorescent lighting to the backing or internals and get that bright look specially at night. Give your business a great image boost, by getting a professionally designed box signage today.

Call in to Hype Studio today with your requirements and we’ll get you an obligation free quote today.