At Hype we have a wide range of envelope printing solutions.

Our standard sizes include DL, DLX, C5, C4 and B4, plus we have a range of standard window, plain face and flap options listed below.

DLPlain face Peel & seal 
DLStandard window faceSecretivePeel & seal 
DLXPlain face Peel & seal 
DLXStandard window face Lick & stick 
DLXBarcode window faceSecretivePeel & seal 
C5Plain face Peel & seal 
C5Plain face Lick & stickBooklet mailer 
C4Plain face Peel & sealKraft pocket
C4Plain face Peel & sealCartridge pocket
C4Barcode window faceSecretivePeel & sealBooklet mailer
B4Plain face Peel & sealCartridge pocket

Match your whole stationery set.

Different weights of the same stock are available, so you can print your complete stationery set on paper and card that matches your envelopes. 


Call our print shop today to discuss how we can help you brand your business envelopes