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 All of which can help promote and grow your business.

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Graphic design


Our Clients

At Hype Studio we design unique, simple and memorable logo designs which becomes your unique business signature that people will recognise and trust. Whether you want  to portray your company as a premium or affordable or fast or whatever you like, we’ll design that look for your business so that you have the best chance from the get go. 


Our Graphic Design Process

1. The Brief

It all starts with the brief. I ask the right questions to uncover the truth about why you need a certain design and exactly what it is you're trying to achieve.

2. The Design

The fun begins during the design stage because we get to play with the crayons and colouring pencils to bring your ideas to life to match your brand identity.

3. The Delivery

Finally, after receiving your feedback we go through a couple of revisions to make sure everything is right and your brand new, unique design can be shown off to the whole world.


Actually we do. We also have access to a whole array of graphic assets for all kinds of businesses which can simplify and speed up our process, and provide you with an expert foundation to help build your business. 

We work with all the Adobe Cloud products including Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. We also work with lessor known software such as Figma and video editing apps

We generally do this in-house, with client instructions. We do however have access to copywriters in Australia and overseas which help write content for your business. There is however a difference in quality between having content written locally and overseas
To determine which graphic designer to go with or which is better than the other, you would need to see their previous works and portfolio.  You must also determine whether they use free or cheap graphics which could have been stolen and breach the laws of copyright. So it’s important to work with established and reputable companies. 


Our process is short and easy, we setup everything from start to end saving you from the hard work. If you already have a design, no worries, we help renovate existing designs to satisfy your requirements.

Once off design

Professional Design services
$ Call Per project
  • Create Brief
  • Research for best result
  • Design + revisions

Managed Design

Like your own full-time Graphic designer.
$ Call Get Professional designer for a day
  • Brief, research and consult
  • Unlimited Designs
  • Unlimited Revisions

Why Choose Us?

Local & In-Person

Being a Sydney local business you are welcome to come in for a chat. Sit down with us, have a cup of tea and we can discuss the design process with you in our design studio.

Solution Focused

Our team is dedicated to exceeding all of your expectations, we identify all potential problems quickly and make sure to deliver to you nothing but perfect results right on schedule.

Unbeatable Prices

We offer same pricing models, whether you buy a little or a lot from us, get the same discount as the big players. We will always try our best to quote you the best price possible.


Print Design, We've got you covered

Let our marketing-savvy consultants help build your business designs by meeting your business objectives and accomplishing your visual communication goals.

 Hype has perfected its systems,  and improved productivity techniques.

Design Focused

We focus on Marketing and design requirements that way you get awesome designs

Progress updates

We provide systems for you to login to and see any updates of the status of your design from anywhere in the world.

Fast & Effectively

We have systems in place to make sure we get the best possible design and print output.

Business Cards

Take advantage of our unbeatable range of business card designs.. call today

We have a large range of sizes, shapes and options…So to get a cheap custom design business card designs along   …oh unlike Vista print and others you can get ideas from us and know whats happening in your industry, locally.

 We’ll Match your designs across the board. Contact us today for your Business card designs.

Flyer Design

Flyers or also known as Leaflets are one of the cheapest forms of direct marketing.
Come into our studio, and get a gorgeous Flyers for your business without the added bother of trying to do it online. As a business owner you don’t have the time to waste with free online templates and not speaking to someone face to face.

Flyer printing with a guaranteed turnaround. Leaflets are so versatile, it’s no surprise so many of our clients find them an essential part to their marketing. Whether they are being popped through letter boxes, inserted into newspapers, posted online or propped up on the counter, full colour leaflets look great and are available at incredibly low cost.
Hiring a flyer designer will save you time in the long run as you’ll be able to discuss the best way to design your flyer. We work with thousands of businesses per year and our advice on how to do things is priceless. Flyers are perfect to conveniently handout and are great for promotions, special offers and takeout menus. Call us for more information on the types of flyers and custom designs.