What is SEO marketing and how does it work?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is the construction of a webpage that is easily read by the search engines and given rank within the search engines based on Search engine criteria. 

A SEO expert builds website content and optimises code professionally to gain more points and hence given a better ranking in the search engines such as Google and Bing.

Ideal search visitor growth

Finding the right SEO Professional.

If you look up Seek.com.au, there are literally hundreds of positions available in Sydney, Australia Alone.
To determine which SEO is better then the other, you would need to see their case study and previous client search engine ranking results. Once you reduced the number of SEO providers to go with, you would want to see there seo pricing structure and if they have cheap seo packages.
Theres many marketing companies which charge a whole heap more for the same packages which really all do the same thing as their competitors for their professional seo services.

Does a simple website submission to Google business work?

Submitting a website to search engines is one of the first things to do, however on the scale of things this will have a 1% affect on overall ranking. And neither would these SEO advice  … You need to do more..



A CMS is content management system which is whats used to build a website. A great example is WordPress. Using a CMS which SEO friendly ie has search engine friendly urls, assistance etc is beneficial but still not be all end all solution. However using a CMS thats search friendly would gain you another 1-5% in ranking.  Using a reputable online marketing agency would provide search engine optimisation solutions which will get you better results.
An Seo consultant would not only get you on page SEO which is basically writing content for your website but would also help in gaining off page backlinks. Professional SE advertising firms would provide online service which would get highwer ranking at an afforable rate and may provide you with a guarantee. However i’d be cautious of SEO companies which provide guarantees as its not 100% possible to predict the results you get on the search engines…
even Google says keep clear of companies and services provider that guarantees ranking positions. Get optimisation help with your Google ranking for your small business with a local SEO company using a real program. Organic search marketing agencies such ours provide experienced, affordable consulting services which help and avoid you getting penalised by Google. Keep in mind, once penalised you could never get rid of the black mark against your site. Your better off starting your site from scratch ona new domain.


Do you have seo tricks or secrets for SEO?

No, theres no need. SEO is not rocket science. Its about having a plan and just putting in the time and effort to get the best results. Its about making your site Google friendly, both with on-page and off-page SEM strategies.

Do you outsource SEO to India or elsewhere?

No we normally dont. However to outsource to offshore companies or SEO freelancers can be implemented successfully if correctly managed and checked. We have tried outsourcing our work offshore but found that any results we achieved was quickly short-lived. So we do all our SEO work in-house with strategies that are good for the long term.

Do you use black hat SEO strategies?

No, we have been doing SEO since 2007 and know all too well the affects of any black hat seo link building etc. All our work is White hat SEO, clean and Google friendly.

Do you provide SEO software or use automated software or tools?

We do not provide any software as such, since we are an agency we do all the hard work for you, using both expert manual and automated systems to get top positions. Optimization tools are important in helping monitor and gather information  however for  achieving great results  most of the work needs to be done manually.

Which search engines do you target?

We optimise for google mainly, MSN, Yahoo etc are smaller players.

Do you provide a SEO checker?

Nope. We did, but the way Google ranks sites has completely changed since the early days. You need to do things properly, Checkers and auditors are a thing of the past.

Do you have affordable seo plans/packages or do you provide a quote?

The best way to run seo services is to have someone work on your site on a monthly basis and for pricing
please call us to discuss your options.

What other online marketing & website promotion services do you provide?

Along with SEO, our seo consulting and services involve strategies on increasing seo score and page rank through article writing, blogging, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Linkedin posting plus more. All our work is done naturally with nothing out of the ordinary so as to not get penalised. The seo manager normally starts with an SEO audit and analysis of your website then go through the basics to understand what level your site is at and how it can be improved.

Who writes your content and does your copyrighting?

We generally do this in-house, however have access to copywriters in Australia and overseas which can write content for your business. Theres obviously a trade off between quality and price between getting written locally verses offshore.

Can you get us hundreds of back links?

Google considers this as seo spam. It worked in the past but not these days, so we dont bother as this type of campaigned is shortsighted. You need to work for the long term, with natural growth, without looking for shortcuts.

Do you do ecommerce seo?

It doesnt matter, we could help with any type of website. Wheather its a business website or personal. Ecommerce site, blog or brochure type site. We’ll optimize it for the internet. Please contact us if your unsure.



If your after a SEO Guru, specialist, manager, online guide, or one of the best seo service providers in Sydney call now for quick analysis of your website and how we can help you